Friday, October 21, 2011

Can I get one more post in before the weekend?

I have no more than 1/2 hour... let's see...

After a cleaning day marathon on Tuesday, I took a day off with the other Trelindas (Becky and Laurie).  Yesterday, I got back in the grocery game.  I actually split my grocery shopping between Wal-Mart and CVS (I DID use ExtraBucks to buy groceries this week!).  Between the two trips, I saved 59%.  Which seems a little low for me, but I didn't "save" anything at Wal-Mart (it was probably 40% off grocery store prices).  I had to go to the dreaded 'mart to get some pharmaceuticals.  I did the math and their "everyday" prices on generic meds were lower than CVS's sale price this week.  So I picked up some other things we were out of: brown sugar, bread (we can't fit a 2 months supply of bread in the freezer), Pam (with free-bate), and bananas (we're on a banana kick lately) for $8.32 (with a rebate for $2.86).  We didn't need any milk or eggs (also things I can't fit in my stockpile) because of the great deals last week, so here's all I got:

All of the rest of the items, I got from CVS.  I had to go to 2 stores because the first store was out of Freshmates (no rain checks on the gift card deal).  Here's what I got:

Store #1


(6) Puffs + lotion (these are bigger boxes) $1.50 ea.
(2) Goldfish crackers $1.50 ea.
(1) Wisk HE 50 oz $4.99 (orig. $8.99??)
(1) Almay eyeshadow $5.99 (I just wanted this and I figured for <$1, I was worth it ;D)
(1) Pamper's jumbo pack $8.99 (for new baby niece coming!)
-22 ECBs
-$1/1 Pamper's
-$2/1 Pamper's CVS q
-$1/1 Almay
-$2/1 Wisk
-$1/6 Puffs (stupid low value coupon...)

Subtotal: $2.97
Tax: $1.64
Total: $4.61
ECBs: 4

Store #2
(They had the freshmates that I wanted here, and also the eyeliner I was hoping to exchange from earlier in the week)


(2) Charmin Freshmates $2.50 ea.
(1) Almay eyeliner $5.99 (exchange)
-(2) $1/1 Charmin
-$6.35 (exchange)

Subtotal: $2.64
Tax: $0.66
Total: $3.30
ECBs: 4 (from the Almay exchange--this was actually a duplicate since it was an exchange.  I explained that to the cashier, though, and she said to keep it--Yay!!), $10 CVS gift card (now I won't have to pay tax!)

So, all total, I spent $7.91 at CVS for $49.68 in products.  I used 22 ECBs, got back 8 ECB and a $10 gift card.  So, I saved 81% for groceries!!  So far this week, I have spent $20.93 from my grocery budget!  I love staying under budget!!

I was wondering what to do with the unused freshmate containers and had an awesome idea: turn them into Cheerio dispensers!  This is Timothy's new favorite thing!  He can even push the button to open it (Jesse taught him that ;D)!

Oh yeah...and I missed my deadline =D

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