Monday, March 19, 2012

No coupons at Weis

I'm always saying that sales save you the most money and here's a prime example.  I went into Weis to get something easy for dinner, some juice and bread.  I decided to make a real trip out of it when I saw a number of my favorites on a good sale.  A good sale, remember, is 40-50% off, or BOGO, or whatever.  Just compare the shelf price with the sale price.  If it's about half, buy enough for 8 weeks/as much as you have space for/as much as will keep (remember you can freeze many refrigerated products).  So, I got everything I needed and more and ended up saving 42% without any coupons!!

I bought:
(4) Ocean Spray 100% juice BOGO @ $3.99
(3) Thomas English muffins Buy one, get TWO @ $3.99
(I always take advantage of this deal when it comes around, I freeze two and use them instead of bread for the following weeks)
(2) Keebler crackers $1.99 ea (even though this is 33% off, it's a best price for sandwich crackers)
(1) Lance crackers $2.49 (b/c I need Nekot cookies for survival)
(4) Stouffers large size TV dinners $2.50 ea.
(each of these feed the three of us comfortably, so it's a steal at $1/serving)
(1) Baby carrots $1.50 (the best price is $1, but I'm making a pot roast)
(1) Rold Gold pretzel twists $2.50
(1) Newspaper $2
(3) Fruit cups $1 ea. (okay price, but better than $3 for grapes that ended up rotting on my counter)

Total: $37.57
Savings: $27.49

Now Jesse says that stores just jack up their prices, so they can entice you with sales.  Very true, but I'd rather pay the low sale price for the foods I regularly eat, than the full "jacked up" prices any day.

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