Friday, March 23, 2012

My newest Paintings!

I don't know if I've blogged about my paintings yet.  But, I really enjoy painting when I get a chance.  It's also a great way to be frugal--you can give a priceless gift to someone while only having spent $10 or so (as long at you don't frame it--then it gets pricey).  That's actually one of the reasons I got into arts and crafts--there were things that I wanted that I couldn't afford, so I made them instead! 

I've been on a sort of painting binge lately (two in a month is a lot for me) because they had a great sale on canvases at AC Moore over Memorial Day weekend.  I finally got around to painting a photograph I had seen in a tractor supply ad.  I clipped it a few months ago because it reminded me of my little brother.  He's kinda a loner, but really loves animals; the lonesome cowboy and his dogs just reminded me of him.  I'm never completely satisfied with my work, but I can look at this painting and not cringe, so it gets my seal of approval.  =)

The second painting is for two of my best friends' (Laurie and Chris) wedding.  I was so tickled when they got together because I felt like I somehow played a part in it (though, really, I didn't).  I had this crazy idea for her: give her a "painting day" that included a lesson and fun girl time with me, Laurie, and our dear friend, Becky (she's gonna hate me for that =D).  At the end of the day, Laurie would get to bring home all of the paintings and hang them as a triptych.  We each chose a flower to represent us--I chose the iris because it's always been my favorite.  Plus, I figured since I'd drawn it so much, it would turn out pretty okay.  While Laurie and Becky finished their paintings by the end of the day, I was only half done (actually a third done if you count how much I re-painted).  But, I was able to get it done after three more days, and I ended up pretty happy with it.  Here's how the three paintings look together:

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