Saturday, July 2, 2011

Money Monday--Early Edition

Well, I'm pretty darn excited about shopping today.  I saved an average of 90% between retail stores, the grocery store, and CVS.  At the mall, I got $82 worth of stuff (mostly gifts so I didn't take a pic) for $18.
I ran into Martin's b/c we were out of milk and (of course) I knew they were running a cereal and milk deal, so I decided to do that (I left my coupons in the car and I'm not even sorry).  I got 4 boxes of cereal for $2.75 each, with $6 instant savings and a Catalina for $4.50 off milk.  So, I spent $5 on the cereal and did a second transaction for the milk.  The milk was only $2.79, so they were going to give me $1.71 back--in cash!--so, I "donated" $1 to their charity and they literally gave me $0.71 with my milk!  How awesome is that?!?!

Now on to the really fun stuff--CVS!  I FINALLY got to redeem my rain checks for my toothbrush heads and went ahead and did the rest of my shopping for the week.  I'm actually done grocery shopping for the week, unless I want to snag a deal somewhere later. 
I got a coupon for $2/2 Pantene, Herbal Essences or Aussie hair care from the magic coupon machine at the front of the store.  When you stack that coupon with the sale ending Saturday and a manufacturer's coupon, it makes the pantene free after ExtraBucks. 
I had saved up some 35 ExtraBucks in the past couple of months to use on these toothbrush heads.  They did make a error in my favor, so I burned slightly less ECBs than I was expecting.  So, here's what I did:

Transaction #1
1 Oral B Dual Clean brush heads 6 count 29.99 (orig $49.50, ouch!)
1 Dawn Hand Renewal Dish soap  0.99
-$5/$25 purchase in my e-mail
-$3/1 Oral B replacement heads (it was in the starter's pkg.)
-$1/1 Dawn Hand Renewal Dish soap (inside my parents' Charmin pkg.)
-20 ECBs (it was actually only 14 b/c they scanned one voucher, couldn't seem to get it to work and gave it back--turns out, it had scanned)
Total: $2.96
ECBs received: 20

Transaction #2
same 2 products
-$3/1 Oral B
-$1/1 Dawn
-27 ECBs (I used the 6 bucks from above here, too.  oops!)
Total: $0.60 (tax)
ECBs Received: 20

Transaction #3
Pantene shampoo $3.49
Pantene conditioner $3.49
(2) Cheez-it crackers $4
Cascade detergent $2.99
Oral B manual toothbrush $3
Oral B Pulsar toothbrush $5.99
(2) Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 shampoos $9.98
Always Infinity $3.99
(2) Christophe anti-frizz conditioners (clearance with $2/1 tearpad right there!) $4.18
-20 ECBs
-$2/2 Pantene CVS q
-$3/2 Pantene manu q (SS 6/19)
-$1/1 Cascade (PG 7/03)
-$2/1 oral b manual toothbrush (PG 7/03)
-$3/1 oral b pulsar toothbrush (PG 6/05)
-$1/1 Always infinity (PG 7/03)
-BOGO Head and shoulders q ($4.99) (PG 7/03)
- (2) $2/1 Christophe hair care item CVS q (tearpad)
Total: $0.94
ECBs received: 10 (2 for the Pantene, 1 for the manual Oral B toothbrush, 3 for the Oral B Pulsar, 2 for Head and Shoulders, 2 for Always Infinity)

Including the $100 in toothbrush heads, I got $170 worth of stuff for $5 out of pocket!  Awesome!!!  Plus, $13 of my purchases qualified for the gas promotion.  If I spend $17 more (before coupons), I get a $10 gas card.  Hmmm....should I get more stuff and free gas?  I'll let you know what I decide...

Be sure to get your paper on Sunday.  There are some pretty easy deals with the coupons in the P&G insert this week: the free manual toothbrush, the $1 always, and the $2 cascade all used Sunday's coupons.  Check out Southern Savers for the full list of best CVS deals this week (btw, I'm not affiliated with Southern Savers, I just really love the site!).


Lisa Smith said...

You had a great day! I have to post what I got today at CVS. I had a good visit. :)

Cathy said...

Thanks, Lisa! Btw, guys, I decided not to finish the gas deal b/c next week's deal includes the Off! clip-on system. I was gonna buy those anyway! So, I'm planning on buying 2 starters and 2 refills and using 2 each of the printable free refill wyb a starter and a $2/1 starter coupon. After the $10 in gas it would make the 4 items $4! If you wanna do that, too, I'd print out the coupons now. I don't think they're gonna last after Thursday.