Friday, July 15, 2011

Labor Day

Sorry, guys, no cartoon today.  I had a cool idea and everything, but instead of drawing, I cleaned my house!  Well, one tiny part of it anyway... 

For the longest time our nice wide hall upstairs has been a catch-all for stuff we're just not sure where to put.  My domestic mantra is, "a place for everything and everything in it's place," which can be difficult in a 1200 square foot house without even a linen closet to its name. 

One of the biggest obstacles was my wonderful "craft box," where I stored everything about which I once said, "OoOh, I can makes something with that."  Let me just say, that I had already "pared down" my multiple huge boxes to one large bin of "materials" when we moved into our new place.

But, my bin, like everything else needed a "place" and that place wasn't in the hall.  Since I needed a place that was both accessible and out-of-the-way, I decided to use one of those under-the-bed storage bins that we had (also in my hall) and keep my craft stuff under the bed. 

I got rid of lots of stuff, like all my candle making and gallery glass supplies and even found a canvas-board (for paintings) buried amongst the clutter of the bin! 

I got rid of two-thirds of my supplies and now everything is tucked neatly under my bed, where I can reach it if I have a creative moment.  I'm very proud of myself!

Timothy got a taste of a real peach today.  He's pretty proud of himself, too!

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