Friday, May 18, 2012

Saved 64% at Weis--No Coupons!

Even though hubby has been gone for two weeks, I'm way behind on my blogging/bragging. =D  Something about chasing a one year old makes a girl want to sleep at 9 pm.  But I wanted to show you my awesome grocery trip!  I literally had no plans to get anything other than a paper and bread, but while I was there, I couldn't resist doing a couple of deals.  So, without coupons, I got $32 worth of groceries for less than $12.  The main tactic that saved me money this week was their "Instant Savings" deal.  When you buy $15 worth of select products, you get $5 off instantly.  Here's the trick though, it's the regular price of the items that has to add up to $15, not the sale price listed in the circular.  So, my mayo, which was on sale for $3 counts as $6, because that's what it costs at full price.  The combination of 4 jars of spaghetti sauce and 1 jar of mayo is over $15 at full price, but a mere $8 on sale.  Add to that the $5 instant savings, and you get over $15 worth of food for just $3! 

So, here's a breakdown of my deals:

(1) Newspaper $2
(1) Bread $2.50
(1) Hellman's mayo $3
(4) Ragu pasta sauce $5
-$5 instant savings
(2) Ocean Spray juice $4
(1) O.S. sparkling juice $2
-$2 FREE sparkling juice wyb 2 juice
Total saved: $20.55

So, there you go: one great deal, one okay deal, and some necessities--no coupons--64% saved!

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