Friday, May 18, 2012

Better than Free at CVS!

I had fun at CVS this week, though I'm going to admit it: I didn't need any of these items.  I got them (1) because I made money on them and (2) I know people who want (most) of them.  CVS sent me a $4/$20 coupon (which is like printed gold) this week.  I waited until Thursday to be sure there was nothing I wanted in NEXT week's ad, and then used it for stuff to give away/make Extra Bucks.  It was an ego boost to make money on Pantene because it doesn't normally go under $1.50 in it's low price cycle.  I took some BOGO coupons I had from the beginning of the month and a $3/2 coupon from Sunday to bring the price of 4 bottles down to $2.  I also used some free item coupons that were about to expire to get my pre-coupon price up over $20.  So, here's what I did:

(4) Pantene shampoo/conditioner $13.94
-(2) B1G1 coupons ($3.48 ea.)
-$3/2 coupon (the two I paid for)
(2) Starbucks Refreshers (apparently least it was free to try) $3.98
-(2) FREE Starbucks Refreshers (in the Pepsico Moments to Save insert) ($1.99 ea.)
(1) CVS vanilla body wash $2.37
-FREE body wash (CVS gave them out for Mother's Day) ($2.37)
-$4 off a $20 purchase (adjusted down to $3.98)
+$0.84 in tax

ECBs received: 2 (for the Pantene)

So, I paid $1 in tax for $26 worth of products and got 2 ExtraCare Bucks back!  I also got $15 in my beauty bucks account, so I'll be getting $1.50 back later.  All in all, I saved 113% on my purchase!  I think that may be my best savings quotient yet!

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