Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Man cannot Live on Mustard Alone

Free mustard is great, but at some point you have to eat real food!  As I was packing up my leftover steak dinner, I realized that nearly everything in the container had been bought on super sale, so I wanted to show you a picture of what we couponers are "going for."  I'll admit, I felt pretty snazzy serving hubby (BOGO) steak (top sirloin?...can't remember the actual cut), but when I realized how little I paid for the dinner, I was even prouder.  =)  Since I didn't think of sharing until after dinner, you're only getting a glimpse at my leftovers. 

Here's how I got steak and potatoes for a mere $2 per serving:

18 oz. steak  (this is 4 servings in our house--maybe less at yours)
SALE:  BOGO @ Weis 2 weeks ago => $5.75

1 packet Lipton onion soup mix (onion roasted potatoes are just plain yummy)
SALE: $0.67 per box at Food Lion last week with a $1/2 coupon => $0.09

Potatoes (the box said 2 pounds made four servings, but we've got a LOT of leftovers)
SALE:  $1.50 for a 5 lb. bag @Wal-Mart a month ago => $0.60

Carrots: 1/4 lb.
I BELIEVE this was $1 for 1 pound at Weis at least a month ago => $0.25

Steak Seasoning, oil, butter: about =>$0.25

Green Beans
SALE: $10/10 at Weis with a $1/2 coupon => $0.50

Steak Sauce (I didn't buy this on super sale.  I am ashamed.)
Generic $2.54 at Food Lion =>$0.70

Grand Total: $8.34/4 servings=$2.09 per serving

So, there you go.  Having bought most of my components on sale, I could feed a family of eight for less than a single entree in a restaurant.  I rock (and you can too!).

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