Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My lunch: Steak-adilla with ranch dip

Last night we had steak (super sale at Weis--this is the life!).  Since they were huge, we had leftovers.  Since everything's better with cheese, I made steak-adillas with it for lunch.  Delicious!  But needed more hot sauce.


1/2 c. steak, chopped (pretty small--unless you want to pull it all out with the first bite)
2 taco-sized tortillas
6-12 drops of Hot sauce (I like Cholula with the wooden cap)
1/4 c. Colby-Jack cheese
2 t. veg. oil

Make it:

Heat saute pan with veg. oil on medium heat. "Dip" one tortilla (big bubble side down) in the oil and "swoosh" around.  Set it aside.

Toss steak with hot sauce and microwave 15 seconds.

Place non-oiled tortilla in pan and "swoosh" around.  Add half the cheese, followed by the warm steak, and the other half of the cheese (you want the cheese "glue" on both sides).  It'll want to fall out b/c it's too much filling, but that's what makes it good. 

Top the stack with the oiled tortilla (oil side up). "Smoosh" down the whole thing with your spatula (you're basically making a grilled cheese sandwich here).

Cook ~ 1 min. (I really don't know how long it is, but just check every 30 seconds or so for golden-brown deliciousness).

Flip (easier said than done, but put your hand on the cool side to try to keep the filling in).  Cook on second side until golden-brown (this always takes less time than the first side and usually less than I was expecting).

Remove to plate and slice. 

I ate it with ranch dip (made with sour cram and the dip packet).  Yummm!!

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