Monday, April 30, 2012

Grocery Store Savings

CVS's ad is just okay this week.  There's an opportunity to make $1.50 on a tube of toothpaste and I'll probably pick that up at my leisure, but otherwise, it's a boring ad.  So, I concentrated some more of my efforts on saving at the grocery store and I thought I did pretty well.  Here's what I got:

I went to Food Lion and Martin's and got just the essentials and the best deals.  At Food Lion, I got $1.50 Tostitos and BOGO bagels (and a $1.50 tube of toothpaste--darn my cinnamon obsession...).  I spent $20.07 and saved $16.20 (I always have a lower savings quotient at Food Lion).  I had lots of fun at Martin's with $0.70 Q-tips (I even surprised myself with these), $1.40 containers of wipes and $1 Bottles of Ocean Spray juice.  There, I saved $23.33 and spent $25.97.  I was also really excited because they had little cilantro plants on sale.  I'm hoping to start growing my own cilantro and making "Chipotle" food even cheaper!  So my totals for the day were $39.53 in savings on $85.57 worth of food, or 46%!  That's close enough to my goal of 50% savings to make me a happy couponer!

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