Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FREE Movies!

I never pay for movie rentals.  ever.  Now, I do pay overdue fees if I don't return a movie on time, but I never pay for the first night.  I wanted to share with you all how it works, so I'm gonna try my hand at a tutorial.  Hopefully, you'll be able to get free movies from Blockbuster Express tonight. :D   Let me know if you "get it."

1. Head over to and see if there are codes for free movies available.  They're always available and I've never run out of codes (but I have run out of movies!).  You're gonna click on "free blockbuster express codes" under the "free stuff tab."  Like this:

There will be a number of codes when you click on that link.  Make sure to note the expiration dates and special exclusions (usually related to location or something).  If you're not very tech-savvy, stop here.  Write down or print out the codes (write more than one in case one doesn't work) and toodle yourself over to the nearest BBX kiosk, pick your movie, and submit your code during checkout.  VIOLA!  Free movie rental.  If you're computer literate, continue to Step 2 to reserve your movie online.

2. Open a new tab (or window) and go to Select your kiosk to see what movies are available at your location.  Like this:

3. Choose your movie.  You can get any movie that doesn't have the "Hot List" flame symbol on it.  The flame symbol denotes new releases and the codes almost never work for those, so I just wait until they're no longer "new."  Also, let me recommend to check the content of your movies regarding violence, sex, etc.  We find it far more helpful than MPAA ratings (who's rating these movies now days anyway?). 

4.  Checkout.  You will need to set up an account using a credit card (so they can charge you $1 per day late fee if you're lax about returning it).  Note: I have used both prepaid debit cards (from a rebate) and my debit card to complete my rentals and both work fine.  If you're a no credit card kind of family, have no fear!  During checkout, there is a box for promo codes.  Copy and paste one code from to get your movie super free!  This is how it will look:

5.  Go get your free movie!  Bring the card you registered with and touch "pick up" to get your movie for free!  Now, you have to return your movie by the next night at 9pm or else you'll be charged $1 on your card, so make sure to return them on time!  You will get 3 emails receipts: one when you reserve the movie, one when you pick it up, and one when you return the movie.  They will note a charge to your card of $0.00.  Have a fun movie night, y'all!!

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